Miss Daisy

I’m from the South (Georgia, to be specific), now living in upstate New York. I like the weather here - it’s so much more invigorating, especially the fall. I moved up here in 2006, and took over a very nice family. They were coming along nicely in their training, but I felt I needed help. So, i called back home, and had my sister come and join me.


When Miss Daisy called me, I got arrangements made and flew right up there. Here. Whatever. Miss Daisy had done a decent job getting her family whipped into shape, but there were still some rough edges. In just a few months, I had them eating out of our hands. Well, we were eating out of their hands, but you get my point.

On our site, we’ll share some of our lives with you, so you can see what it’s like to be a Yorkie, and how hard we have to work to uphold the reputation of the breed. You’ll meet some of our favorite friends, and the people they own, and share in some of our adventures - true and imagined. We’ve got some movies, and more! Stay tuned, bookmark us, and if you know about RSS, do that, too. See ya!

Welcome to our Site!

Name: Miss Daisy

Age: 3

Name: Savannah

Age: little over 2

Location: Roch, NY

Occupation: Yorkie



Miss Daisy

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